Storm's Symphony, a poem written by Mike Turner at

Storm’s Symphony

Storm’s Symphony

written by: Mike Turner



Nature’s symphony begins
With the kettle drums’ distant thunder
Building in intensity
Punctuated by the crash
Of the cymbals
Electric in their stabs
Polished brass flashing before our eyes
Now enter strings
As a wild rush of wind
Piling onto themselves to a high pitch
Then joined below by the woodwinds
Their rush across the landscape
Accompanied by horns
All in a pounding, pulsating fury
As bells and percussion beat a tattoo
Of steel shots of rain pounding on the rooftops
Having reached their crescendo
Each section falls off
Percussion, horn, woodwind
Strings, cymbals, drums
Until at last
We are left with the trilling of piccolo and flute
Signaling the end of the maelstrom
Birds singing in treetops
As the raging storm passes
And the concert comes to a close

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