The Epic of Eve, a poem written by Dido Fik at

The Epic of Eve

The Epic of Eve

written by: Dido Fik


Dear Eve,
They say you were condemned
But, I say you are truly blessed
You are God’s most ultimate work
Always remember your worth
Let me praise thee in a million words.

You are the stamina of Oprah
The Malaika of Mariam Makeba
The Beauty and wit of Queen Sheba
The greatest mathematician Hypatia
The mother of the slums, Mother Teresa
The fearless warrior Queen Yaa Asantewaa.

You are the Sunflower of Van Gough
The Loveship of Alice Monroe
The Pieta of Michaelangelo
The alchemy of Paulo Coelho
The hopes of Freda Kahlo.

You are the Taj Mahal of Shan Jahan
The spy princess, Noor Inayat Khan
The pride of Jane Austin
The love lyrics of Bob Dylan
The muse of King Solomon
The weakness of Samson
The symphonies of Beethoven
The black female Moses, Harriet Tubman.

You are the Amadeus touch of Mozart
The notebook of Nicholas Sparks
The bravery of Rosa Parks.

You are the courage of Esther
The inner vision of Hellen Keller
The voice of Karman in Tahrir Square
The immortal love of Shakespeare.

You are the ecstasy of Bernini
The Meskle Flower of Afework Tekle
The temple of Mahapajapati
The canvas of Salvatore Dali
The Mona Lisa of Da Vinci
The love potions of Tabrizi
The mystic couplets of Rumi.

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