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The Gamble

The Gamble

written by: Arthur Unk



“The air is crisp today,” he said.

“Who the hell uses the word crisp to describe the weather? Are your rainy days moist too?” Samantha replied.

“So much for the small talk,” Jamie sighed.

Samantha sighed and looked up from her laptop, “What do you want?”

“A date.”

The sounds of the crowded cafe faded into the background; the day just became interesting.

“I have a boyfriend,” she said.

“Good, he can pay.”

Samantha’s face remained passive. Perseverance in the face of opposition; so far, so good.

“I don’t date strangers.”

“Neither do I,” he said.

“I’ve never met you before today,” Samantha countered.

“Well, you have some explaining to do?” Jamie said with a smile.

“What do you mean?”

“Before this conversation, I just called and told my mother that I found the person that I was going to marry.”

A smile broke onto Samantha’s face.

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