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The Itch

written by: Don Knowles



My battle wounds itch everyday
They are a constant twinge
reminders of the waging of personal wars
Wars I continue to fight
From within
Each jagged mark
Long healed over singe
Tweak the surface of my skin
spiraling down
Past all apparent cosmetic consideration
Centering on my cosmic core
I won't bemoan these irritants
They preserve the lessons taught in battle
They are my comrades in arms
My medals to my life's campaigns
The itch , that twitch merely a communique
Code Flashes to my soul
A memo saying
That clearly states
That I'll soon be whole
They are Secret Messages of my healing

Don Knowles

Don Knowles

My writing is typically written while I'm on a treadmill, so I call myself "the treadmill poet!"

Born in West Chester Pa in 1960 I have been inspired to begin writing again through my interactions with two people I care deeply about that are experiencing the torrents of mental illness.
Don Knowles

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