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The Key To Solving Writer’s Block

The Key To Solving Writer’s Block

written by: SmithaV



When the mind’s a canvas white
And you have nothing to write
The only way to start
Is to let your mind into the prism of your heart
And let it dive into its deepest chambers-
filled with myriad hidden treasures

and take its pick-
That, my dear, is the trick-
To find your muse.
Your lines let them be loose,

and flow like a river
and let them find a way to mirror every colour-
The warm yellows and the cold blues
The flaming reds and all the in-between hues

The calming green and the shadowy violet
That is the nugget-
To painting your canvas bright;
and making it airy and light.

Add in streaks of indigo and orange
even if it appears strange
For life’s a palette of colours all,
and if your writing is to stand out tall

it must like a rainbow be
then the reader shall surely pause to read.



After being in banking for 20 years, I had to leave and move countries due to personal reasons. That is when I took up writing again. I had always written but the writing remained in my diaries. In 2016, I shared my writing with the world through my blog - PENNINGS…ONE WOMAN'S JOURNEY. My debut book of poetry 'Roads - A Journey with Verses' only just got published on July 5th 2019. I'm enjoying this new chapter in my life with writing forming the crux. I hope to write a novel some day and more poetry.

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