In My Heart, a poetry by Gail Constable at
Ben Scott

In My Heart

In My Heart

written by: Gail Constable


I gaze at him
From beneath the
Long lashes which
Surround my green
Eyes, taking in the
Whole of him. He
Knows he is being
Watched but not by
Whom, and never
Shall he.

He is encircled by
The light, perfectly
Mussed blonde hair
Falling over one
Navy blue eye, solid
Gold watch on his
Wrist, custom suit
Cut to fit his
Muscular frame. The
Tip of a sword, a Tattoo, peeks above
His pristine white
Shirt collar.

Elegance personified
He is the light which
My darkness can
Never meet. The
Deeds I have
Committed for
Country and money
So poison they
Would stop his heart
Should it ever beat
In my direction.

I lift my champagne
Flute to my red
Stained lips and sip
To cool the heat
That burns for him.
Then, just as I place
The glass on a
Passing waiter’s tray,
He lifts his head,
Looking as if he
Knows I am there.

I stare in perfect
Stillness, desperately
Wanting him to see
Me yet hoping
Against hope that
He will not.

Our glances slip like
Ships passing in
The night, unknown,
Unmet and I can Breathe again as
The moment flees.
Though I long for
Only him, he must
Never know of me.

I slip through the
Open side door,
Escaping into the
Garden, heavy with
The scent of roses,
Blood red. A sliver
Of moon shows but
Shadows are my
Friends as I Disappear into the
Night, carrying him
Heavy in my heart.

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