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written by: L.M.Giannone



there’s a hopping crowd
across the street
a band plays music
with salsa beat
people enjoying
laughs and smiles
I haven’t had those
for quite awhile
If I could only
join that crowd
the din for me
is way too loud
I much prefer
the sounds of silence
peace, quiet,
and independence
sitting alone
in this quiet room
a place of dark,
despair and gloom
facing the wall
with vacant stare
limbs unable to
move anywhere
fatigue and pain’s
all in my head
to leave this cocoon would
cause such dread
a hollowness forms
inside my chest
I inhale, exhale
with shallow breath
for usual interests
there’s no motivation
instead crave solitude
and isolation
from cacophony and chaos
I have to escape
withdrawing inward
for sanity’s sake
my body’s heavy
from lethargy
overwhelmed by nothing
this is my elegy
in silence I suffer
hiding mood swings
at the top of my lungs
I wish I could sing
and get it all out
a cathartic release
so hopelessness and sorrow
may someday decrease

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