Stay Like This written by Kia Jones at

Stay Like This

Stay Like This

written by: Kia Jones



The hours pass, but I’m frozen in time,
The moment I’m in is silent and mine.

I can’t really move, something bad might occur,
My reality and my memories at this moment blur.

I can’t hear my heart, I think it has stopped,
Then a thud from my head to my toes does drop.

I’m shaking inside but I can’t move my eyes,
I’m begging my mind to silence my cries.

Tears snake their way down my cheeks to my chin,
I can’t fight this monster, it’s going to win.

Just make a sound, you can break this spell,
Your life is here and now, not in your memories from hell.

But I can’t be sure and it’s not worth the risk,
So for now, in this moment, I will stay like this.

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