The Rainbow, a poem by Nancy Lou Henderson at
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The Rainbow

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The Rainbow

written by: Nancy Lou Henderson



As the rain subsides and colors fill the sky,
I tell my darkness goodbye

Once a silhouette in a world lost of color,
now walking unwavering without umbrella cover.

The wonderment of the future yet to unfold,
warms my heart removing the cold.

With each step, I begin to smile,
knowing life is beautiful for a little while.

Nancy Lou Henderson

Nancy Lou Henderson

I was born in Hico, Texas, in 1949 to James and Mary Blakley. In 1968 at the age of eighteen, I married my soulmate, Frank Henderson, in a little Methodist Church in Van Vleck, Texas. Being a firm believer in that anyone can do whatever they set their mind to do, I have taken on many jobs during my life. I have worked in a factory on an assembly line, driven an eighty passenger school bus, owned a Florist Shop, worked as a receptionist in a Doctor's office, and became a certified Pharmacy Technician at the age of fifty. Hobbies include sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, quilting, tatting, but I also do exciting things like plumbing, mowing, weed-eating, roofing, and anything else that might come my way. After twenty-nine years of marriage in 1997, I became a widow and will be a forever widow. Frank will always own my heart, and I will remain Frank's wife for eternity. Just for fun and because of loving humor, I also write Widow's Blogs, laughing at myself and relaying to you instructions of what not to do as a widow. Sometimes, I write blogs about my thoughts on all kinds of things.
Nancy Lou Henderson

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