To The Rosebud, poetry written by Lei Writses at

To The Rosebud

To The Rosebud

written by: Lei Writses


To that lonely rosebud on the field of tulips,
Pretty, lovelye, what hast come to thee,
Whereof careless seeds were thee made
‘Tis nowhere a way for thee to escape
Hast thou lost from where thee shouldst belongst
Wherefore thou differ fro their kindred beauty

O, let me not compare theirs to thy beauty
For simple an elegance is to them─ tulips,
As yonge and yet to bloom to thee belongst
But despair not for I trowelye fancie thee,
Like a tulip that wol not let thee escape
Daunce, litel bud, as thou, for it, were made

So fresh is thine fragrance meant to be made
Wyth swich vagrant scents of a yonge beauty
Yet, by-guarded so thou mayst not escape
O, towering bunch of fairest coloured tulips
How gentle to the homeless bud art thee
For whan thee embrace, to thee, dost not belongst

As to the roses is where a rosebud suerelye belongst
Lost! Lost! Poor, to be lost, a rosebud wast made
Alas, litel pretty bud, how unfortunate of thee
That thou possessed rich soote beauty
Grateful shouldst thee be to the field of tulips
Forget not that thou were honed but escape

‘Tis no grateful of thee, pretty bud, to escape
Tulips art now thine home, where now thou belongst
Long live, ever kindest and fairest tulips!
Chaunce upon Zephyr, then, for a better made
To a long lasting fragrance and rare beauty
Straunge of a wish but not for the kind of thee

Aye, pretty litel bud, tulips also fancie thee
So escape no more; O, please, no more escape
Whan that differ to thee art mere twain beauty
Yet, the both of thy roots intertwined as them belongst
Perchaunce, thou, lost of a bud, is here shouldst be made
Along wyth these good olde blooming tulips

Mayhap here thou belongst to the tulips
Then were thee lost, but not thy yonge beauty
So escape not, and be their princess the fate hast made.

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