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The Color Red

written by: Shelly Wilson



A magnificent painter once known
For a hue of red he bestowed
No other could mimic its array
its beauty or vibrant shade.
But Christ looked upon him each day
Knowing the exact recipe made
For the ingredients were stirred in the grave
From wounds of death and deep pain.
For stains were left and had marred
This soul and creative heart
And the magnificent canvas was turned
With strokes of loss and hurt.
Yet never the color so deep
Would have risen if wounds didn’t seep
And the gloss would be dull and dry
If not mixed with the tears of life.

Shelly Wilson

Shelly Wilson

Shelly is a a lover of words. The Lord has seemed to have given her a heart that is pricked and stirred by words as He allows her to see them as messages to hearts in need. Her journey began in songwriting and mere ponderings of life penned from moments spent in deep valleys and beautiful mountaintops. Later came forth a gift of poetry that seemed hidden for some years and now fills her heart with delight and joy.

Shelly travels delivering poetic messages to hearts that are broken and in need of hope. It is her desire to be a ready scribe and a pen in the hand of the Lord.
Shelly Wilson

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