The Silver Season, a poem written by LadyLily at
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The Silver Season

The Silver Season

written by: LadyLily



Crackles of ice, like bubble-wrap
Popping for a clean break.
Late Gnats squabble like kids in a playground,
Freezing to death, zooming to a midget coffin.
A Grass Snake lies as a discarded shoelace,
Tongue iced, a monochrome slither,
Cellophane glaze over open eyes.
Spines of Hawthorn salute the season’s picking,
Berries crystalized to a diluted pink.
Oak resists, trunk shows the strength of a Buffalo,
Poking arms weep, battered by snowy whips.
An Elm shields sleeping Narcissi
As a hush trespasses the Silver Season.

A wet dawn inks the chilled pellets of sleet
A chanting Collared Dove churns the essence of time,
Cooing her seconds away.
Like the hands of a Grandfather clock
Verdant Ivy ticks round an unsuspecting Conifer.
Tiger’s Eye moonlight drizzle-dances echoes from the past.
The Snowman’s coat shines
With the dazzle of a hundred new sixpences.
He gazes at a Robin, drained of his crimson.
Leadened on a growing pillar of snow,
White petals float over her frail frame.

Receding choruses of sepia, chestnut-bronze,
Autumn’s memory strives to live on in Winter’s illusion.
In no hurry to brag their crayoned blooms
Christmas Roses are heard,
Simmering their pink, fluorescent flush.
In this Season of Silver …
The Sun will cherish gold once again
As clouds swirl their marriage dresses.

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