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The Trees

written by: Maria Dulce Leitão Reis


The road where I’m walking
Is full of trees
Backwards stay the trees
Of Despair, Misfortune, Pain
Ingratitude, Evil, Greed
And the one of Evil Eye!

Beside me, I have the trees
Of Tolerance, Help, Patience
Hope and Enthusiasm!

A few yards ahead of me
I see the Siamese tree
Of Friendship and Love
With the shape of a heart
Strong, bulky, red
Loaded with golden fruits
Backed by stakes of understanding
Tenderness and respect
And in the distance, I see a tree
That resembles a good shelter
Flanked by the tree of Achievement
And the one of Tranquility.
We can see a burnt tree
It was the one of affront
Destroyed in the first storm

And the bigger, prettier and rounder
With long earrings made of laughter
It is the tree of Happiness
That gives the name to paradise!

Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

I was born in Portugal, in the centre of the country. I have two children. I’m retired. I worked in accountancy and I was Businesswoman of Restoration and Fashion. I am living in England since 2006. I am a co-author of 56 Anthologies of Poetry, Prose and Children's Stories and 7 solo books in Portuguese, translated to English. The dream of publishing solo became true. Reading, writing, sudoku, photography, gardening are some of the things I love most. I'm a lover of nature. I fight injustice, inequality, discrimination and violence in every way. I believe in love and peace, vehicles to make the world more balanced, more attractive, where everyone will live joyous and happy. Poetry is an amazing and wonderful force! And it is in this force that I seek the breath to move on and it gives me joy and serenity to live life with sweetness! Poetry is the soul and prolongs me in the dream and draws me closer to God! Poetry is the air I breathe! It is the sap that circulates in my veins and brings fire and passion to every corner of my being! Poetry is love! Poetry is life! Poetry is my bread and my stick!
Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

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