This Is Christmas For Me, a poem by Laura Hughes at
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This Is Christmas For Me

This Is Christmas For Me

written by: Laura Hughes



It is now Christmas time again,
and all I can do is remember when
I was a child sitting under the tree,
surrounded by my loving family.

Now it just can’t ever be the same,
because when someone mentions your name,
I just close my eyes to hide my tears,
even though it has been many years.

So many years since you have been gone,
and I have tried my best to carry on,
but this life just hasn’t been fair at all.
I wish you had not had to answer his call.

This time of year can be the hardest to take,
because you are not here, for goodness sake.
I know I’ll always have my memories,
but it doesn’t help set my heart at ease.

I just wish again to see your face,
instead of in pictures on the bookcase.
I would give up this life to hear your voice,
but I just can never make that choice.

I made you a promise, I intend to keep,
no matter how much life makes me weep.
I will try my best to be stronger,
and will hold on for even longer.

For you will forever be my strength,
and I know, for me, you’d go to any length.
So just keep sending me all of your love,
even if it is sent from heaven above.

Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes

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Laura Hughes

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