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Goh Rhy Yan



written by: Sonny Temblor


You were made of something promising,
From time-tested elements of aged soil.
Your interior, so soft as clay,
Yet so firm as stone while you were honed.

From once alone and lumpy sediment,
You prayed hard for something new.
After years of waiting in vain,
You finally tasted the glimmer of hope.

The mighty hands placed you,
In the pedestal of recreation.
Now in front of a mirror,
Is nothing but shiny quartz and brilliant stone.

You’re walked, marched and strutted by the finest feet,
Of stellar heels and rubber shoes.
As you marvel on your beauty,
Everyone can’t resist you.

But one time you learned,
That not everyone who touched you,
Were in caution and adoration.
Unfortunately, your colors faded.

The beauty once beheld,
Is now cracked, nicked and tattooed.
As you look back in the mirror again,
You wish clock would revert its time, for you to return in soil.

Turning back into raw being,
Alone again on earth —
dirty and ignored;
but undisturbed, unchanged and unbothered.

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