Together, Fourteen Forever! a poem by Dr. Elizabeth V. Koshy at
James Baldwin

Together, Fourteen Forever!

Together, Fourteen Forever!

written by: Dr. Elizabeth V. Koshy


Friends, together after long years in different continents.
The evening is pleasant, there’s food and drink on the table.
Unforgettable stories from the past make their rounds,
Heard innumerable times, yet enjoyable in each retelling.

As the evening progresses we turn from fifty to fourteen.
A lot of singing together of loved songs, a lot of teasing, a lot of laughter,
As though we had not been separated for a moment.
No face to put on: each one knows the other like their own face in the mirror.
Happy for the other’s achievements and sad for the other’s losses.
The precious moments slip away like pearls held tight in fists.

At leave-taking we hug each other, a teardrop in each eye,
Loath to leave the other, holding on for a few seconds more!
And as I return home ruing the brevity of the meeting
I find my mind is rejuvenated and my heart is healed!

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