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Venus Reluctantly

written by: Elizabeth Barton



Languishing, like Venus who had lost her memory,
With no Cupid adoring her, upholding a mirror,
Or winsome beau with scrutinizing brow
Bent forward, to shower her with favours;
She lingers on a couch of wondering,
She spends time in a forest of questions;
There is a map somewhere in wind-tossed leaves,
In slant of afternoon sun, that leads to a path,
The way out of a maze of uncertainty;
There is direction hinted at in time,
In the flicker of leaves in the light,
In the dance of shadows on the forest floor;
Cupid's arrow points assuringly, a beacon
In a wayward journey upon a restless sea,
And she might find her way home,
Discover lost Venus in her own reflection,
The way a star on water tremulously beckons,
The way night informs her what she has always known.

Elizabeth Barton

Elizabeth Barton

Elizabeth Barton is an artist and poet living in New Zealand, close to nature and free to create. Her art is in private and public collections world wide.
Elizabeth Barton

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