Venus Reluctantly, poetry written by Elizabeth Barton at
Elizabeth Barton

Venus Reluctantly

Venus Reluctantly

written by: Elizabeth Barton



Languishing, like Venus who had lost her memory,
With no Cupid adoring her, upholding a mirror,
Or winsome beau with scrutinizing brow
Bent forward, to shower her with favours;
She lingers on a couch of wondering,
She spends time in a forest of questions;
There is a map somewhere in wind-tossed leaves,
In slant of afternoon sun, that leads to a path,
The way out of a maze of uncertainty;
There is direction hinted at in time,
In the flicker of leaves in the light,
In the dance of shadows on the forest floor;
Cupid’s arrow points assuringly, a beacon
In a wayward journey upon a restless sea,
And she might find her way home,
Discover lost Venus in her own reflection,
The way a star on water tremulously beckons,
The way night informs her what she has always known.

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