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Winter Dispossessed

Winter Dispossessed

written by: LadyLily



Winter exhausted, dispossesses the land,
just slight echoes of cracks, crunches.
Ground, once hard as iron, becoming a softy sponge,
soon a coral coloured jigsaw, a sewn sea of green… sparkling lime.
January’s eyes flicker, his freezing cold lids slowly close.

Flames of semi-open Anemones, heavy heads hang, like half-licked lollies.
Larks, Wrens listen, whispers of lunar…
The moon stares naked in a mosaic ignited sky.
Tulip yawns, rigid teal spine, opens yellow chalice,
offering her golden, Titan’s trophy to Goddess Chloris.  *

An April Orchard Moth catches forty winks,
draws life-force from coppery-fawn air as
sunset flickers, hula-hooping spangled flames,
orange to fire red, spinning as a rampant Saule,   **
in search of Eros.

Merlin summons her rosettes,
goose-bumped Christmas Roses
retreat, wilt, wither, crumble…
Vanish like homebound ghosts,
leaving pools of raspberry residue.

Apple Blossoms, white veiled Venus,
stringed frills from knuckled boughs,
buds galore on barked branches,
grinning and tingling with Royal Icing.
Cedars glimmer their jealousy.

A cobalt gown woven from lace mists,
clothes a thousand Bluebells who
pose-pause in a vacuum of Spring sun.
Mauve cumuli digest scents of Scilla
then billow, dissipating on whirling winds.

Sun-kissed…Rebirth…A bloom.


 *Chloris…Greek Goddess of Flowers and Spring
 **Saule …Baltic Goddess, Spinner of Sunbeams

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