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written by: LadyLily



On this surface our stories tend to perform a nomadic function,
freedom from struggle is rare.
Monstrous rocks, crested mountains,
rapid rivers, have taken me as prey.
No sweet dream voices.
Deflated thoughts of tomorrow,
I am a patch of shade.
Saddened air drapes my lonely soul.

Time trickles through lifetimes,
I will return. Until then…I am adorned with…
a celadon, chiffon gown, fringed indigo lace,
hair platted back, saffron Victorian sandals,
soft as sandalwood oil.
Mirror, absent reflection, image dwells in my soul.
Scents, woodspice, musk of myrrh, saturate my shadow.

I sphere in whirls of white, as supernovas float between voids.
The light of old folds as the sun looms, blooms, louder.
Frothing streams of frazzled-silver
tumble down magenta mountains…
A twitter of thrushes stitch the air.
Swallows swing through drapes of glowed gold.
I am threaded with restorative astral silk.

Often I hear shriek-screaming Underworlds.
Bellowing beasts of sin, cruel jaws snap in dens of horror.
Misery needle-sewn on faces,
skinless beings gnaw bones to marrow.
Acrid, salted tears dribble from sulphur-soaked ivy.
A morose moon weeps leeches on skulls of Lethe’s oblivioned.
Callous misers, bathe in florid flamed pitch, breathe in own shadows.

Passage to another realm, a world beyond consciousness…
Refined, vivid, limitless limitations.
Ruby ripples glide over platinumed water sheets,
Sun’s dazzle tints the picture gold…
where Hummingbirds feast on elixir of nectar.
Flax Lilies spurt scent of Frankincense and Lime.
A cloth of emerald, silver dust trimmed, is thrown over my shoulder,
as I begin to thread my thousandth lifetime
with loving embraces,
sipping shines of light…
As infant Iris inhale first breaths.

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