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written by: Dirk Sandarupa



I never wanted to study, my fathter told me to study
I never wanted to cook, my father told me to cook
I never wanted to socialize, my father told me to socialize

I am not a scientist, my father never force me to be a scientist
I am not a chef, my father never force me to be a chef
I am not a socialite, my father never force me to be a socialite

Three lessons I must know in life:
1) don't expect people to open their door for you
2) don't expect people to treat you the same way
3) don't expect people to give you water when you're thirsty

I know I'm not fully grown yet,
but my knowledge, my ability, and my strength have made me wiser and more independent

Dirk Sandarupa

Dirk Sandarupa

My name is Dirk Sandarupa. I am from Indonesia. I graduated from Master Degree in English Language Study, University of faculty. I began to write since I could hear myself through my writings. I found another piece of myself through my writing. My main goal in writing is just to share my passion, creativity, and life. I found that when you find something you really like, no matter where you go, no matter where you at, no matter what you do, life isn't really complete without passion.
Dirk Sandarupa

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