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30 Seconds

written by: Vickie Mryczko



Throughout the day, Stop.
Stop, for just 30 seconds.
In your mind, Stop.
Take a conscious breath and Stop.
While you are eating, using the bathroom, driving or waiting in line...
Feel your heart beat... enjoy the air entering your lungs.
Stop. Acknowledge and smile, you are alive and well able.
Stop. Push out the negative thoughts.
You are doing something...anything.
Stop. Praise yourself; for you have not given up. The enemies of your mind will not prevail.
Stop. You are not alone; I stand besides you always.
Stop. Make a simple choice.
Stop. Because you can...

Vickie Mryczko

Vickie Mryczko

I am a single mom, who has been through some stuff. I have always enjoyed writing. There is no greater joy than being able to share my words, written or spoken. My hope is to be able to inspire healing, confidence and self motivation.
Vickie Mryczko

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