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A Beautiful Mind

written by: Bitupan Das



Run, run, run my boy,
Wearing the shoes of your mind,
Please don't hide behind the veil of intelligence,
Just run and run far.

Enjoy the heaven of joy
And fight with the hell of cry
Put off your clothes
Naked your mind
Enjoy her beauty
And you can really fly so far

But put on your clothes
When comes the winter of lust.

Bitupan Das

Bitupan Das

Hi, I'm Bitupan Das, born and brought up in a small city Jorhat, India. Mechanical Engineer by profession, Art lover by heart. And sometimes, I like to do everything. I write poems, stories, play cricket, entrepreneur, introvert. Above all I just like do thinking and thinking. So, deep thinker and dreamer. And I want to change the world with my ideas.
Bitupan Das

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