A Love Poem, written by Madhumita at Spillwords.com

A Love Poem

A Love Poem

written by: Madhumita



When I could not bring myself to say yes,
Yes to you,
To your love,
The day before
And yesterday,
Despite trying so hard,
Under the dusky grey evening sky,
Shadowed by the vermilion red of the Gulmohar
I wrote,
Wrote on the pages of time,
My love poem
In words dipped in the vivacious emotions
And burning desires,
Scattered with the delicate red,
Caressed with the white feathery clouds,
The birds returning to their nests stopped,
For they saw me smile,
They smiled with me
As the grey of the sky turned darker
And the moon curved her lips
Laughing at my craziness,
The twinkling stars tried to peep
To have a look
At my words
Written for you,
My words soaked in the golden yellow,
Bathed in their mellow rays;
At times I feel for you,
For you are neither a witness
Of this extraordinary feeling called love
That I harbour for you,
Nor do you come to know
How a love poem is born,
But still you are so lucky,
Lucky, because the entire universe,
The whole cosmos
Under this magical grey loves you,
As much as I do
And almost always
A beautiful love poem is created
Just because of you!



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