A Narrow Way written by McColley at Spillwords.com

A Narrow Way

A narrow way

written by: McColley



Dreams are shifting through the night
scattering all the days from sight
jading all the good seeing light
shadows a glisten stirring fright,
for told the tales are to unfold
stories of lore from the ages old
where the pure in heart had stood so bold
under the fist of darkness bitter cold,
and now today you see the wane
the sorrows, lies, and greed’s of fame
more and more upon the wider lane
ever deeper the sleep unknowing the game,
to those who hold ever vigilant I say
there is no time only everyday
hold strong to the word and never stray
for they will deceive you along the way.



A weaver of words in both poetry and short story, surreal, abstract, strange atmospheres drifting in and out of consciousness. Exposing humanity or pushing its envelope into boundaries of emotional content; enjoy the many variations of Robert McColley.

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