A Wicked Dancer, poetry written by Neeraj Kumar at Spillwords.com

A Wicked Dancer

 A Wicked Dancer

written by: Neeraj Kumar


A nerve stretched
Inside my mind
Like strings of a guitar
Playing hard rock

Now let me write for you
With the same rhythmic flow
As is in my mind

The guitar starts playing
And so the emotions start to dance

Sadness comes in a black suit
While happiness in her sparkling red gown
They both take the stage
Dancing together hand in hand

Then outta nowhere, sadness takes the lead
Takes happiness to the places
She had never ever before seen
Scared, her broad smile turns to a big frown
And Within a blink of an eye
Happiness turns to Gloom

Sadness projected a broad wicked smile
Straight from a mile to his acquaintances
A planned game
With all lies and no shame
Tired, the gloom places her head
On Sadness’s chest
He envelops her
Inside his dark sinful aura

Now nobody is dancing
But as the guitar keeps playing
So the anxiety steps in
He shows everyone his jubilant moves
He keeps rocking the floor
While Cheerfulness, happiness’s best friend
Leaves the party from the back door

Now the sun sets and the darkness rises
But still from dusk till dawn
The party goes on
And I keep on writing
While the guitar keeps playing
Inside my mind all night long

Sadness’s acquaintances
Party all night long
While happiness’s acquaintances
One by one leave the party
From the back door.

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