Beside A Bookcase written by Dan Leicht at

Beside A Bookcase

Beside a Bookcase

written by: Dan Leicht



There’s a wall of notes before him as he lays into the keyboard.
From the room
beside his “office”
plays Mozart from his phone
– out of reach –
beside him a brown bottle half full
The wall is filled with reminders for plot pieces
or certain words he’d really like to incorporate
like “sluice”
he liked the way Crichton used the word in Travels
Within reach is Bukowski, Crichton, Calvin
Trillin and Stephen King
He stops typing to write another note
something he places into his wallet and will carry
around until completion “Finish the novel”.
There will be more days, nights, months,
in front of the wall and beside the bookcase,
between a brown bottle and a steamy mug.
With mad empathy the words flowed immortal…
Try again.

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