Bloodfest written by William T Fearby at


written by:  William T Fearby


we walk in the shadows avoiding the light
stalking the innocent like a thief in the night
hiding in sewers and alleys where only fools dare to tread
spreading great waves of fear amongst the living and dead

we stalk our prey in the dark of night
so avoid the dark alleys stay in the light
we are the scurge of all damnation
an evil force of the devil’s creation

leaving dead bodies alone in our wake
paying the price for mistakes that they make
the blood curdling screams can be heard in the night
the frenzied feasting devoured in the dim light

our forces multiply the more we kill
we suck you in and break down your will
feed on your blood get excited by your pain
and when your life’s gone you are reborn again

saints and sinners you best be aware
we are coming to get you good or bad we don’t care
so lock up your children keep your pets out of sight
we go in search of blood in the dark of the night

we are the beasts of the night the scurge of mankind
the evil we thrive on is so easy to find
it lurks round every corner in every dark place
you won’t see us coming we are just another face

you join our family the demons of the night
hunting fresh prey to feed off is our plight
no one is safe both young and old
we will drain your blood and leave your body cold

we thrive on your fears we live on your blood
nothing will stop us so praying is no good
we are the evil creatures that prey in the night
you will never defeat us so give up the fight

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