Brass Clock written by Trevor Graham at

Brass Clock

Brass Clock

written by: Trevor Graham


headlines cried: time will stop
so, we sought sumless division
in the apparent wisdom of clocks
scientists tinkered with copper and zinc
created a brass cog and coil mechanism
clung this clock to a wall
but the divider clicked unlively
so, they tore the soaring sun
straight from its eternal nature
to infuse the static cogs
with its spatial travels
headlines heiled: time will go on
humans celebrated, danced in the new night
bonfires burned under the brass clock
colossal coal boats lit every dock
starless, the sky grew cold enough for brass to crack
so, when the clock
failed to contain the mass of a star
it smashed itself to cogs, coils, smashed itself apart
waterfalls slowed to honey drops, before they stopped
birds hung flightless floating, stuck between earth and stars
human-idols huddled, cowered, bawled
shadows moved across the wall



If our time on Earth were to suddenly stop, the universe would carry on. I don’t think there is any other truth to be known in order to create a sense of responsibility in caring for our planet.

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