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Brick Layer

written by: theRavensproctor


She was running, indefinitely
To city, to a different coast
Her feet chasing a freedom that wasn't meant to be hers
Afraid of being left and used
So she abandoned everyone with joy
A fake smile here and there
Occupations of many, web designer, church goer, and bricklayer
Enthusiastic about church; but bricklayer, that was her speciality
She did that one most of all
better out of all the three
Slab, by slab, brick by brick
She was building a wall
From the corners to the ceiling
She had an ingenious idea that she could keep everyone out
And she did
But soon she found herself alone
Her hollow voices bumping off of the brick
And cascading into narrow darkness which were her walls



I'm just someone figuring out my life through pencil marks and pen strokes.

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