Broken Minded, poetry written by Rayna More at

Broken Minded

Broken Minded

written by: Rayna More


Glancing down,
I shiver.

I watch as
each raindrop landing
on the cool concrete surface

The once light
grey surface
turns dark
and I feel my soul
darken with it.

I feel the cool
drops dripping
down my emotionless face.

I stare blankly
at this image
of sadness
and despair,
as though an image,
a reflection,
of my own self.

A blank canvas
growing darker
with each sorrowful second
that passes.

I can’t bear to tear my eyes away.

A puddle begins to grow
in the midst
of this entity.
This puddle my mind,
rippling with each drop
of rain,
or as I call them,

I shiver again.
I fall to my knees.
The wrath of these images
too much for me to handle.

The pain
of the truth,

How can I ever
look at myself
the same again?

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