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Burn The Flowers

written by: Nayana Nair



Your severe gaze
resounds and echoes
the meanness only humans have.
But your hands melt at anything you touch
so that nothing,
even water,
is disturbed by your presence
in this world.
How did you learn
make that face
that kept people at distance
and kept them on their toes.
How hard was it
roam in this world (that you loved too much)
knowing everything would hurt you,
and knowing the defeat at the face of the war
that you never wanted
and you can never win.
How hard is it,
to burn the flowers
born out of your soul
only so people would
avoid the impending disaster
that you are not.

Nayana Nair

Nayana Nair

I am Nayana, an engineer and a technical writer, who also moonlights as an amateur poet on my personal blog. Writing for me is a process of self realization and being able to create temporary companionship through a poem gives me more joy than anything.
Nayana Nair

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