Dog in the Darkness written by Criss Tripp at

Dog in the Darkness

Dog in the Darkness

written by: Criss Tripp



My cries are heard, as spoken word.
But what’s worse than words,
Being sung from a bird,
Being burdened but with fur.
Low and behold, I was always told.
“Don’t be so bold, I’ll scold you so cold.”
But I’m not that old, to know that tone.
I’m just a dog alone, without a bone.
Often in rage, I remain restrained.
Defaced in array, I’m estranged.
Alone I have stayed on display,
Betrayed and plagued as a stray.
I’m locked inside of a cage,
Set aside on a stage.
Like a mime, I’m afraid.
An animal I am, enslaved,
But lonely the same;
With disdain on my brain,
I’ve sat in deep thought, I refrain,
While my hearts, weighed with pain.

I must of done wrong, to be punished like this.
Betwixt a sick twist, and an inflicted wish.
Getting kissed by a fist, as the insisted prefix.
It’s committed repetition, transfixed not to quit.
But what do I know, I am only a kid.
I have no clue, whatever it is I did.
My masters are older, and wiser than me.
They still lock me up, yet right before I was beat.
Thrown inside, I’m gone.
Bloodshot and lost in thought.

Shocked and stuffed in a box.
I’ve been stopped, forgotten and rotten.
Took only two minutes,
Now I’m stuck in the darkness.
I’ve been here all night,
But not in the day.
I made friends with the dark,
Though it has nothing to say.
Time’s almost up,
And I’ll be let out.
Say goodbye to you,
While I lower my shout.
It’s only a matter of time now,
I’m too proud to sound fowl.
They give me a second chance,
With the span enough to dance.
An opportunity when,
This den is rendered with pen.
I seize my day, and it all,
Happens again.



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