Down Those Memory Lanes, poetry by Renuka at
Warren Wong

Down Those Memory Lanes

Down Those Memory Lanes

written by: Renuka



Walking down those dark memory lanes
I still meet you
I still remember you

During those tough times
When everything was beyond control
When I felt like stuttering in every role
When situations even crushed my bones

There, there was you
To be always beside me
Down those memory lanes,
As I walk,
I still meet you
I still meet the same you

In those moments
When life was still
When my inner core was brittle
When nerves were constantly bleeding
There was you, supporting me
Always there.
Down those memory lanes…
Still Down those memory lanes…
As I walk,
I still meet you
I still find you

During that period
When days were darker
When nights were brighter
When moments seem longer than decades
When getting higher doesn’t matter
When the suffering was boundless
Then, there was you
Down those memory lanes…
I still walk…I do…!
& I still find you…
I don’t know how to convey…
But you are still there…
I still remember you…!!

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