Let it Go, a poem written by Renuka at Spillwords.com
Karthikeyan Perumal

Let it Go

Let it Go

written by: Renuka



Let it go, baby
Let it go
I know, I know
It’s not easy, it’s not new though
Let it go, baby
Let it go…oh…oh

Few things need to be left behind
Like you don’t dwell in mirror hind
Like you climb up by pushing down
Like arrow needs to be pulled back to kiss the aim-abound
You know, baby try it in a go
Let it go, Let it go
Baby, Let it go…

I know baby, I know
Your heart is bleeding
Your soul is pleading
Your eyes are dripping
Your life is slipping
Baby, don’t let that go
Oh baby, I know
The yearning need of this deed
You need to
Let it go, Let it go
Baby, Let it go…

You know, baby
You have to look into the eyes of the Life
Again and then again
You have to gather the pieces
You have to smile, you have to slice
Slice the last shadow of sorrow
and Let it go…
Baby, Let it go…
Let it go…baby..!!

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