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written by: Criss Tripp



Somber they found me, to be in need;

Dormant and still, I was keenly perceived.

I lay there in the cold, solo as though;

I was unrepentant, chilled, and alone.

They thought that I was dead, instead;

My head said, I had a quest for revenge.

But still I did keep, beneath the feet;

Awaiting on my time to feed,

on the depleted and defeated.

I’m completely serene, as I wait to retrieve,

A piece of reprieve, to exactly unleash,

My kind of retreated peace.

I’m going to achieve my release;

Like a sneeze, with an allergy in season.

I don’t need to conceive, a reason;

I have a deceitful meaning,

Leaning on repeatable demons.

I cease to believe, that I bleed a disease;

I simply perceive it to be an easy relief.

I lay in a bare and stale wasteland;

Without a care to be a frail, and derailed understatement.

I’m unable to breathe, even so slightly,

Being inside, a deep freeze is frightening.

The ice around me had, desperately;

Kept me stuck, in a stasis entirely.

Behold the irony, bleeding internally,

While I tightly hold my secret silently.

Surrounded, I was done;

Stunned, and unable to run.

Left alone imprisoned, with a single disfigured wish;

Which I could not configure, nor persist to the finish.

I would not be found,

In a crowd around the town;

For I’m not loud, enough to count.

Until I did make,

A low soft profound, arousing sound.

In time, there won’t be anyone, allowed around.

I gave someone a late shake,

To delay a debate, in exercising fate;

I am mistaken as an earthquake.

As I’m preordained enough to say,

I’m going to display a change,

Like the pace of the rain.

I’ve remained at bay, only to stay in place.

So no-one on earth, will know the name of my game.

From under the ground,

And ready to burst.

I’m heard, but not to be firm;

I murmured another churn,

Then I’m noticed, with a thirst to burn.

Justice will be the worst.

They started to run,

Yet I’m finally free.

Just took two little moments,

For someone to see.

Now it seems,

That they start to believe.

I’m mean and obscene, As a natural machine.

I started erupting fully,

Completely fulfilled with glee.

It’s too bad while I smile,

For awhile, I’m reconciled,

Bringing more casualties.

So many victims had everyone with them.

So little left at best, my quest is at rest.

Erected with an innate quench for death.

I’m a volcano…….awaiting the next.

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