Eventually, I'll Give Up, poetry written by Linda M. Crate at Spillwords.com

Eventually, I’ll Give Up

eventually, i’ll give up

written by: Linda M. Crate



“sorry, i’ve been selective”
it’s your prerogative
like i’ve said,
but i am not going to pretend
your silence didn’t hurt you;
and i’m not sure 
why you’ve had to be
when all i’ve done was support you
or give you kindness—
i always saw you as a friend,
but i guess you don’t feel the same;
and if that’s the case just let me go
obviously you don’t care
i’m just another person you talk to 
not someone you care about—
the thing that sucks about caring 
for you so much 
is that it’s not hurting you, it’s hurting me;
but don’t expect me to reach out to you
if you keep pushing me away
eventually i’ll give up—
i guess they were right when they said
not everyone you lose is a loss.

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