These Pieces Of Me, written by Laura Hughes at

These Pieces Of Me

These Pieces Of Me

written by: Laura Hughes



Whenever you look at me,
what is it that you can see?
Can you see the pain in my eyes,
with all the tears I can’t disguise?

Can you see into my past,
all the loves that could never last?
Can you see deep inside my soul,
missing the piece that made me whole?

No matter what it is you see,
you still can’t see all of me.
There is much more than meets the eye,
and that you can’t ever deny.

I am more than just my past,
or the pain that seems so vast.
More than all the tears I’ve cried,
or the times I’ve wished I had died.

Many facets don’t always show,
and that’s a fact you need to know.
But one day I may let you see,
all of these pieces of me.

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