Fourth Of July Flashback by TM Arko at

Fourth Of July Flashback

Fourth of July Flashback

written by: TM Arko



Standing in the summer sun
California heat
Bare feet calloused
On the burning asphalt street
Popping caps throwing smoke bombs
Laughing on the lawn
Cool watermelon
Sliding down my throat
Spitting black seeds on the ground
The piercing Piccolo Pete’s note
The crackle and the sizzle
The boom and the bang
The smoky smell of sulfur
And then at dark
The big colored spider webs of bright green and gold
And red
Exploding flashing glittering globes
Dance all around my head
A blanket in the park
Fried chicken and sparklers
My mother’s hand to hold
Higher and higher in the night
The colored flames igniting
My imagination
And the sparkling stars high above
All the conflagration
Seem to me in my childlike eyes
So faraway
And so inviting

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