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From Your Lips to Mine

written by: FM Tate


I am the flame.
A fragile tethered light, hungrily lapping at the ever-shrinking candle. A soft corona lost in the darkness.
Darkness that doesn’t see me.
The flame’s said to draw the moth. Consume it. But in my world, nothing exists, moves, without you.
You are the breath of life. A whisper. A hurricane.
You tempest; I snuff.
You gently exhale-
I vacillate. Curtsey to waning wax.
Revitalise me or extinguish.
Wick glimmer-glows vibrant orange in that last gasp of oxygen.
Smoulders. Curled ribbons streamer upwards.
You are my match.
Ignite me with attention’s friction.
Feed me with a kiss.

FM Tate

FM Tate

I write because the words give me no choice. I write novels about vampires and micro-fiction about anything too slow to avoid being nailed to a page.
FM Tate

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