Garbage Dog, poetry written by Dawn DeBraal at
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Garbage Dog

Garbage Dog

written by: Dawn DeBraal



The garbage was full; it needed to go. Old Sam hauled it down to the street.
That night a stray stole scraps away, the hungry dog wanted to eat
Angerly, Sam picked up the strewn trash, the garbage truck already by.
He hauled the can back in a huff to his house, rolling his eyes, he did sigh.

Sam was usually calm in a storm, he never was mad or a griever,
Angry at life, he shouted out loud, cursing that golden retriever.
A week went by, he reset the can, securing the lid very tight.
Without any warning, again the next morning, the trash was tipped, overnight.

Sam sputtered and spied. He was fit to be tied, kicking the side of the can.
The crime was repeated; that’s all he needed the silly dog conquered the man.
He whistled and called, the dog reappeared, sheepishly offered a grin.
Old Sam gave up, he opened the door, inviting the homeless dog in.

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