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written by: Nara Hodge



Between two continents and three countries,
Where the Med is guarded by the Pillar of Hercules,
Between reality and dreams,
Under a thousand stars’ gleam
Time stood still, as if suspended;
Under the moonlight shadows blended.

The Rock of Gibraltar- unyielding and untamed:
A silent sentinel keeping watch over the strait,
Let the light of the moon caress its rugged surface
With ephemeral touches, as if in poetry verses.
An endless night stretched over the Rock in defiance
To the sunrise and daybreak’s inevitable alliance.

Nara Hodge

Nara Hodge

Mother, lover, dreamer, poet, politics addict: Nara Hodge describes herself as a lover of words forever in awe of written word and the formidable beauty of poetry. She believes in therapeutic writing and often uses her poetry to express her pent-up emotions and untangle the chaotic thoughts of her restless mind. Nara refers to her writing as Restless Reflections, which is also the title of her first poetry collection in English that is currently in progress.

Nara writes poetry in English and Russian.
She lives with her family in beautiful Oxfordshire, England.
Nara Hodge

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