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Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man

written by: Lana Wesley



Painted with brightest colors to be nice and sweet
Smile on its face always how can it be otherwise?
Must be liked, pleasant, but is that what you need?
Who will ask that? No one. Just pay the damn price.
Whole, strong, fresh, new, keep the smile on you.
Oh, someone took a piece. No you have no leg,
Would you mind? Would you cry? Your life you knew.
Was made for, you say, giving now one hand. Beg?
Speak out loud? Ask for something? No, just keep,
Stay there with the same smile of yours. Its happy
Tears were not made for you, don’t know how to weep
When they take another leg with part of your body. Maybe
You’d have something to offer, some more to outside
But now you’re just the hand with a head. Smile!
One part to him, one to her. That’s what you do
You weren’t made to be greater, something like a fire
One part here, another part there. What’s for you?
Just a smile. You’re gone. Was the smile man. Now? None.
Only somewhere on the floor a crumb…Was there a life

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