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Green In Me

written by: Anshika Sharma


That crouching cat
Under my bed;
A pearl shelled in dark,
Reflects the distant green
In her empty
Sea eyes

Sometimes she comes up
And works up the paper-hills
On the side stool,
While I go down
Beneath the reef
And purr.

Yes! I can see it
It's approaching
But wait, it's not the lighthouse
It is...another cat
Roaring, gushing green waters
Her eyes
But she is staring at me,
Can I be, really, the distance?

Anshika Sharma

Anshika Sharma

A nocturnal old-teen with Polaroids as eyes that relentlessly shred the Real in discards for the full view of Magic. No qualms in replacing life with theatre, nods with conversations, and humans with...well anything but humans.

Also, I'm Batman!
Anshika Sharma

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