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He Is Sorry

He is Sorry

written by: Sharena Lee Satti (Momentoutreasures)



He rips apart her soul with the vermin he spills from his tongue
She can’t breathe, He has clenched his fist around her lung
Piercing holes with the pressure, blood descending from the eyes
Frazzling her brain with his vicious lies and then goes on to apologise
Along as you’re sorry, in your mind it’s ok, everything has gone away
He said sorry. He has cleansed his pallet, now welcome to desert
He’s happy right, all forgotten as he starts to unbutton his blue checked shirt
He forgets so easily, as she sits there with his words spinning in a cyclone, powerless to move
Her body jolting with each thrust, showing his force, his power he must prove
He said sorry right, he loves her too
Yes every time he jumps up and down on her heart ripping the blood from her skin tissue
He is sorry? When he breaks her down piece by piece, slowly decaying, under his spell
Eating away at her energy, drawing the light to his hell
He is sorry right?
So sorry that he will continue to burn your thoughts at the stake
Sending tremors through the waves, obliterated by his earthquake
Pouring his own selfish affliction all over you, blinded by your lack of value, you just don’t see
How fucked up he is mentally
Using you, confusing you, abusing you
But he loves you right?

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