HOLI-DAZED written by TM DiSarro at Spillwords.com



written by: TM DiSarro



September was the month we met
On Labor day to be precise
A blind date courtesy of a friend
A first kiss that was oh so nice

October saw us moving in
A trick or treat I wasn’t sure
Some little place to call our own
The future knocking on our door

November spawned a jealous trait
The turkey dinner down the drain
Simple words that turned to hate
A truth of sorts that left a stain

December brought a short reprieve
But it was never meant to be
A story I could not believe
A blown bulb on a Christmas tree

Now love’s left me cold as ice
Not much more for me to say
Can’t go backwards or think twice
Moving on to New Years Day


From the collection: ELTON SKELTON

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