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written by: Poli Miltou



I came by just to say a word,
or, two and three and even more,
I came by only for one word “I love you”,
but all that my heart wanted I would rattle out…
But, the door was closed and locked,
you went for a walk, they said to me, you will be back,
you had people to look after, wounded people…
But I have neither the time,
the earth is endless
and others await at their doorstep for me to join them.
I am leaving an all-golden flower on the latch,
so when you will come,
you will smell love!
You are precious to me,
friend of my soul,
that’s why the flower I picked for you,
reminds of a sun undimmed and warm!
To glow forever in your darkness,
I wish to you, wherever you stand,… to bring the dawn!
I came by… and I left traces of my heart!...

Poli Miltou

Poli Miltou

My name is Poli Miltou. This is my author's pseudonym, I chose it in memory of my parents whom I never met, and I think it characterizes me. I really love animals, flowers, birds and children. For this reason, I have also decided and obtained my degree from the University of Ioannina and I have been working for many years as a Teacher at Primary Schools of the State. I have the TOEIC in English and I speak Albanian. In Albania I became a Nun by Archbishop Anastasios and I served for many years as a teacher at IEK (Institute of Vocational Training) of the Archbishop, where I taught Greek Language and where, due to my studies in Literature, I also had the responsibility of criticizing and selecting literary books of the institute's Library. I also have taken painting lessons. In the past I even took part in a painting exhibition with other artists. Now, I live in Greece again and I work as a Teacher in public schools, while I also deal with writing and poetry. I have also published two books so far. A novel and a book with short stories from life. Αnd I hope I can continue as a writer.
Poli Miltou

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