I Have No Time, a poem written by Lei Writses at Spillwords.com
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I Have No Time

I Have No Time

written by: Lei Writses


I have no time to be sad,
neither do I have time to weep
on things that were never sure.

Nor do I have a second,
not e’en a nano of it,
to drop a tear on affairs.

Parties no more excite me,
yet cheers to the thought you have—
that you, again, broke my heart.

I fancy no break-up poems,
but I mind not writing one
if it means one thing: freedom.

Someone lend me a minute,
saying, “you should cry sometimes;”
and I say, “no, thanks, I’m fine.”

My time is for me to keep
as if saved hours are dollars,
for better I be alone.

Now sold are my times to love,
’cause the future paid me with
fresh mem’ries of love dramas.

Though, I have plans to misspell—
the word I loathe— ‘love’ with lust,
so I can bury it down.

And I have no time to trust,
neither have I the courage
to welcome men in my life.

Nor shall I invest again
Love and Trust to a woman,
I have no more time to try.

Ne’er again shall I have time
to play the role of a fool;
a waste: to risk my saneness.

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