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I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry

written by: Hayley Burwood



I’m sorry for the pain I’ve done
I did not like your type of fun
I tore up my family I was to blame
I’m sorry for crying and causing you pain

My tears dropped to the floor
I’m sorry I wet the bed and lots more
Why oh why did I exist
The bruises are there you couldn’t resist

I’m sorry for making you shout
I did deserve the punches kicks and clouts
I’m so sorry for getting home late
And leaving home before you awake

I’m sorry for being quiet and not saying a word
I’m not being the perfect child you deserve
I wish I was a boy I would then not be a slave
Then I couldn’t feel the pain you gave

Your weight on top of me haunts me every day
You said you loved me in a different way
I held onto your secret from day one
But now I open up to more not some

But can you hear me I’m screaming at you 
Why did you burn me when I was feeling so blue
Every day it happened till I was twelve years old
I lost the child in me but I’m catching up as it unfolds

My life is damaged because of you
I want to move on and live life through
I want the strength to say my goodbyes
But instead, all I see are your lies

So yes I’m sorry for not doing as I should
And yes I shouted as loud as I could
Help me help me I tried to yell
But my throat was sore were you strangling me as well

You made me smoke at the age of five
I guess I’m so lucky to be alive
You made me drink alcohol at a young age
And drugs to shut me up when I was in a rage

So yes I’ve been through some shit
But I’m here to tell the story I now write
I’m a survivor of abuse and shame
And I now know that I’m not to blame

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