In The Glory Of Fire written by Nivedita Roy at

In The Glory Of Fire

In The Glory Of Fire

written by: Nivedita Roy



Beyond these legit reasons
Beyond these established seasons
In lieu of these written theories
Beyond these conspired destinations,
Are hues of vague…
Magnificence of brilliance
Of infinities of no brakes
Of splendors from ab aeterno
About truth, love, pain, submission
Acquainted within silence of inferno.
Beyond the territories we marked
Beyond this acquisitional skin
Aloof of these finitely sketched lines on the sky
Rests catastrophe of humongous kin.
For renaissance of living
Ravishing the ongoing survival
Where man makes laws for reverent nature
Where man writes his own bible.
To torment the unbearable
To trouble the unstable
To banish these unlawful postulates
These stagnant non-negotiables.
Beyond this greying dawn of sinister
Beyond these crippling heights of desires
Beyond these bondages of love, of patience
Awaits eschaton engraved in the glory of fire.

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