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It’s All About a Song

It’s All About a Song

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



It’s all about a “Song”…
Piano keys, guitar strings
Violin bows, and clarinet reeds
Sheet music and dancing notes
The crescendo builds
The orchestra sings

The flutes and the oboes
bring magic to woodwinds
The trumpets, the horns
The revered Top Brass
The swinging jazz
Pure Pomp and Class

All strings and all keyboards
step up in grand sound
Cymbals, Tambourines
Mighty drums come around
Soulful percussion echo in huge music halls
The audience gasps at the vibrating walls
The rhythm invites us to hum along
The human spirit responds in smile
…It’s all about a “Song”

Be it Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin or Bach
A classical piece or bring on the rock
The bands, the concerts, the medleys of love
or a quiet symphony as soft as a dove

…Music is music in any form
It is happy, it is sad, it is charming, it is warm
A place for the heart and the soul to belong
It is magic, it is splendor
…It’s all about a “Song”



“It’s All About a Song” (The beauty and magic of music) – sheet music, piano keys, strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion…the bands and the concerts, the great orchestras and huge music halls…where the crescendo builds!

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